IT Support and Service Help-Desk

What i do...

General IT Support

✳ IT Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution
✳ Hardware and Software Installation and Configuration
✳ Network Setup and Maintenance
✳ Virus and Malware Removal
✳ Data Backup and Recovery
✳ System Upgrades and Updates
✳ Remote Desktop Support
✳ Email Configuration and Troubleshooting
✳ Printer and Peripheral Device Support
✳ Wireless Network Setup and Optimization

Server and Network Administration

✳ Server Administration and Maintenance
✳ Windows Server Management
✳ Active directory Group Policy (Gpo)
✳ Domain Controller
✳ User Account Management
✳ IT Asset Inventory and Management
✳ Remote Desktop Support
✳ Data Security and Firewall Configuration
✳ Cloud Services Setup and Integration
✳ Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup and Support

Monitoring and Management

✳ Zabbix Server
✳ Event Monitoring System Zabbix
✳ N-central Device Management
✳ Grafana Monitoring System

IT Infrastructure Governance

✳ IT Fault Management
✳ IT Service Management
✳ IT Service Availability Management

Key Component to the Success of Your Business

It enables tracking and management of IT assets for optimal utilization and timely maintenance.

It facilitates software inventory and license management, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Accurate record-keeping helps businesses meet regulatory standards, reducing risks and legal consequences

It assists in identifying and resolving vulnerabilities, enhancing security measures

Records support incident management, troubleshooting, and faster response times

Accurate records streamline compliance auditing processes, ensuring adherence to industry standards

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